upgrade provision and highest USN

Matthieu Patou mat+Informatique.Samba at matws.net
Sat Apr 10 01:01:53 MDT 2010

Hello tridge,

If I had well understood your idea was to have an attribute in the 
sam.ldb (ie. in @PROVISION) that tells what is the highest USN modified 
by the (upgrade)provision process.

So let's says that my highest provision id is 3200, and the current id 
is 3300, when I run upgrade provision and when it really modify 
something it will of course modify only attributes with an usn <3201 and 
at the end I will have 3400 as a new highest USN.

Next time that upgrade provision it will allow itself to modify 
everything with a USN <3401 and so possibly modify attributes/object 
that were created/modified not during (upgrade)provision.

Is the analysis correct ?


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