[Release Planning 3.6] Release planning for 3.6?

Christian PERRIER bubulle at debian.org
Tue Apr 6 10:30:36 MDT 2010

Quoting Karolin Seeger (kseeger at samba.org):
> Hey folks,
> Samba 3.5.2 will be released tomorrow.
> Samba 3.5.3 is scheduled for May 19 to address bug #7317 as soon as
> possible. Unfortunately, it was too late get the patch into 3.5.2, but
> there are so many important bug fixes which need to be addressed that
> delaying 3.5.2 does not make sense.

Karolin, last week-end I wandered through a few pages pages and list
archives, but couldn't find the answer: what is the target release
month for 3.6 (and, as a consequence, moving 3.5 to maintenance mode,
3.4 to sec fixes only, etc.)?

This is of some importance for the decision we, Debian maintainers,
have to take for what we want to provide for Debian squeeze (freeze
planned "around June" and release planned "when it's ready"). Indeed,
the two main maintainers (Steve Langasek and /me) have different views
on the topic (but we're civilized people and try to find a

My current calculation is: 3.5 released on March 1st, so 3.6 planned
for Sept. 1st.

Maybe this is a decision that still has to be taken on the Samba Team

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