How to convert security_descriptor in samba to SECURITY_DESCRIPTOR in NT

Ted zgk_1208 at
Thu Apr 1 03:47:00 MDT 2010

Hi, all

I have read the CIFS Protocol document provided by Microsoft and the samba
3.5.0 source code.

The CIFS Protocol document says that NT_TRANSACT_QUERY_SECURITY_DESC command
allows a client to retrieve the security descriptor for a file. And the
security descriptor is returned in the data portion of the transaction

The code in samba process NT_TRANSACT_QUERY_SECURITY_DESC command was just
load the data blob in xattr and pull an xattr_NTACL out of the data blob by
call ndr_pull_xattr_NTACL. The security_descriptor in xattr_NTACL was
different from the definition of SECURITY_DESCRIPTOR in NT. So how does this
work? Or does anybody know how to convert the samba security_descriptor to a

Any help is appreciated.



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