patch for changes in FLOCK calls.

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Wed Sep 30 23:20:01 MDT 2009

Hi List,

Please go through the below patch which changes FLOCK calls. Let me know
your views.

(See attached file: flock-vfs.patch)

Thanks and Regards
Abhidnya Chirmule

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                                       Smbtorture test BASE-RENAME fails   
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Hi list,

Please let me know your views on below problem.

I am trying to solve a bug found while running smbtorture BASE-RENAME test
on Samba 3.4. smbtorture test BASE-RENAME ran against a GPFS share fails.
In this test, there are 3 scenarios out of which 2 fail.
The first failure(second test scenario) is expected as samba doesn't
support FILE_SHARE_DELETE yet for GPFS.
The second failure(third test scenario) is because the samba GPFS-module
was using "open-accessmask" to set-sharemode instead of "access_mask".
This problem can be fixed by extending FLOCK VFS calls to handle additional
parameter called "access_mask".
Please let me know the views/suggestions or any workarounds to fix this.

Thanks and Regards
Abhidnya Chirmule
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