[PATCH][SAMBA4] data_blob_hex_string() output is now lowercase.

Andrew Kroeger andrew at id10ts.net
Sun Sep 27 02:50:03 MDT 2009

Andrew Bartlett wrote:
> On Sat, 2009-09-26 at 05:51 -0500, Andrew Kroeger wrote:
>> All:
>> Please find attached a patch that addresses a couple of the test 
>> failures in the Samba4 test suite, due to case sensitivity changes in 
>> generating hex blob strings.
>> Testing via "make test" (with and without commit 
>> b84edabbe9f358031117de2cf78613c704ac600 and the supplied patch) shows 
>> that this patch corrects issues with the expected case of return values 
>> in 2 of the failing Samba4 torture tests.
>> All other test failures in the Samba4 test suite occur regardless of 
>> whether commit b84edabbe9f358031117de2cf78613c704ac600 (or my proposed 
>> patch) has or has not been applied.


> I think the right approach it to change data_blob_hex_string() to
> generate an upper case string, but to have the extended DN code call a
> lowercase version for this specific task, given the specific
> requirement.

I cannot remember having a previous hex-based case-sensitivity issue in 
Samba4.  Please correct me if I am incorrect.

If W2K8 is matching against a lowercased hex string, and we have not 
previously encountered any case-sensitivity issues, can we not assume 
our initial implementation implied the wrong case for hex strings?

After my testing with and without Tridge's casing patch, doesn't it make 
more sense to address any new case-sensitivity issues as they occur, as 
opposed to implementing new, special-cased functions every time we 
discover a case discrepancy?

> Andrew Bartlett

Andrew Kroeger

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