[Samba4] Group policies in AD

Matthieu Patou mat+Informatique.Samba at matws.net
Thu Sep 24 05:44:55 MDT 2009

Hello Matthias,

>> What else do we need ?
> E.g. the directory structure, the "secTmpl.inf" file
I've been carefully looking at a group policies today and I didn't find 
this file.
The only files I see are the ADM files + admfiles.ini in the ADM folder.

>>> - They are packed in MSI format (not very useful for us)
>>> - The licensing isn't clear for us
>> I didn't say that's it's the solution, but mostly a backup solution 
>> as it can be used by a SA from an XP/Vista/W2K3/... workstation to 
>> install templates. Because I'm far from being sure that we will be 
>> allowed to redistribute this (and in any case you need to download 
>> Windows 2003/2008 administration pack if you do not have a Windows 
>> 2kx server version to access ADCU).
> Okay, but the administration pack we don't redistribute with s4. But 
> the group policy templates we want to ship.

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