Patch: smb_traffic_analyzer: marshalling data to send

Holger Hetterich hhetter at
Wed Sep 23 00:42:23 MDT 2009

>>> "Holger Hetterich" <hhetter at> schrieb am 9/23/2009 um 08:20 AM in
Nachricht <4AB9DA480200003A000887FD at>:
>>>> Volker Lendecke <Volker.Lendecke at SerNet.DE> schrieb am 9/23/2009 um 05:10 AM in
> Nachricht <E1MqIlx-00AkDi-CL at intern.SerNet.DE>:
>> Do you have a git repo somewhere with all your stuff?
> Hi Volker,
> I checked out 3-5-test, created a new branch "traffic_analyzer" from this,
> and did all the stuff I posted until now in this branch, locally on my
> system, rebasing with 3-5-test on every patch I do, just to make sure.
> Hope that answers the question..

After a quick discussion with Volker I see it turns out it's best for
me to host traffic_analyzer in it's own reachable git repo in the long term.

I'll check the options.


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