Long domain name query.

Volker Lendecke Volker.Lendecke at SerNet.DE
Tue Sep 15 09:12:17 MDT 2009

On Tue, Sep 15, 2009 at 11:25:58AM +0530, Karthikeyan Sarkaraichetty wrote:
> I'm not sure, but if I tried to do ./net ads join for the server which has
> the domain name 64 byte length.
> It is not joining.(E.g:
> May I know the reason for using  the variable name "char *short_domain_name"
> in "net_ads_join" function?

What Samba release are you talking about? In current master,
there is no variable named "short_domain_name" in the
"net_ads_join" function.

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