Problem in Final Provision Script - samba4-pre-Alph9

Michael Ströder michael at
Mon Sep 14 16:43:01 MDT 2009

Howard Chu wrote:
> Michael Ströder wrote:
>> I guess the problem is that your OpenLDAP binaries were not build with 
>> configure option --enable-modules. But with most OpenLDAP deployments 
>> that is what is used.
> And moduleload/modulepath will only be recognized as valid keywords if
> you configured with --enable-modules. If you didn't do that, then right,
> none of this will work.

I guess Andrew's OpenLDAP build works with the current provisioning script
because he's using a static build without --enable-modules. Then moduleload is
not needed (and not available). But that's not how most OpenLDAP packages e.g.
in Linux distributions are built.

Ciao, Michael.

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