ext4 - getting at birth time (file create time) and getting/setting nanosecond time stamps and utime

Henrik Nordstrom henrik at henriknordstrom.net
Wed Oct 21 05:59:52 MDT 2009

tis 2009-10-20 klockan 16:11 -0500 skrev Steve French:

> "The function utime() allows specification of time stamps with a
> resolution of 1 second. ... The function utimes() is similar, but the
> times argument allows a reso lution of 1 microsecond for the
> timestamps. "   1 millisecond is not sufficient

But it isn't 1 millisecond, it's granulatity is 1 microsecond (1/1000
millisecond, or 1000 nanoseconds)

utime -> second (time_t), same granularity as old stat(), time() and

utimes -> microsecond (struct timeval) (1/1000000), same granularity as
gettimeofday() and friends.

utimen -> nanosecond  (struct timespec) (1/1000000000), same granularity
as current stat(), clock_gettime() and friends.


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