what's a blocker bug? (was: [Release Planning 3.4] v3-4-test will be frozen tomorrow)

Henrik Nordstrom henrik at henriknordstrom.net
Tue Oct 20 01:17:48 MDT 2009

fre 2009-10-16 klockan 09:07 +0200 skrev Kai Blin:

> However, we don't want to go to the other extreme of publishing a release per 
> bug. (Not saying anybody proposed that, of course.) So we would want to wait 
> until a reasonable number of bugfixes has accumulated. Which leaves the 
> question of what that reasonable number is.

There is one exception to that and that's when regressions are found &
fixed. Even a single regression bugfix is sufficient to motivate a new
release imho, at least if it bites more than 5 people.


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