How to setup a home network with Ubuntu

Jack Nash jack.nash at
Sun Oct 4 19:32:48 MDT 2009

Samba Technical Team,

I have recently migrated my home machines from Windows to Ubuntu Juanty
Jackalope v9.04 and am struggling with getting the networking piece up and
running.  With my Windows machines I used Windows Networking to share files
between my PC's and am looking for the equivelant functionality within
Ubuntu Linux.

I have been spending a tremendous amount of time searching the web for
step-by-step inctrcustions without success.  A such, I thought I would reach
out to you directly.

I do not need a full blown server configuration, though I would not mind
doing so for the experience of it, but I do need the ability to browse the
contents of my PC's, share files between them, and perform the same with my
XP & Vista machines as well.

Can anyone within the list provide simple step-by-step instructions to setup
a home network between my Ununtu PC's and my Windows XP & Vista PC's?

Thank you in advance.

Jack Nash

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