Updatings SD

Matthieu Patou mat+Informatique.Samba at matws.net
Sat Nov 28 16:15:47 MST 2009

Hello Nadya,

I put more trace and I find the problem: defaultSecurityDescriptor was 
not upgraded because previously I had a plan to make something rather 
complicated with SD update that implied to have the previous SD.

So the story is solved no need to investigate more !
Sorry for the lost time on research ...

On 26/11/2009 20:06, Matthieu Patou wrote:
> Hello Nadya,
> I'll need your help to help me to understand why I'm failling with the
> upgradesprovision to correctly update some SD:
> cn=administrator,cn=users,dc=smb4,dc=tst
> cn=dns,cn=users,dc=smb4,dc=tst
> cn=guest,cn=users,dc=smb4,dc=tst
> cn=krbtgt,cn=users,dc=smb4,dc=tst
> As all the other SD are OK I'm rather encline to think that the
> update_sd does its job pretty well ... If you had a look at the
> updateprovision.log you will see the DN then the updated SD and finally
> the reference SDDL.
> The SDDL share a lot but diverge on some points can you try to light my
> way ?
> Of course I also have problems with this but it's related to policy
> object and we know that we still have a slight problem on one flag for
> the SACL (so I'm not very nervous with this)
> cn={f6f519f1-7ec2-4f98-9b87-3d05e2dc697b},cn=policies,cn=system,dc=smb4,dc=tst
> cn=machine,cn{f6f519f1-7ec2-4f98-9b87-3d05e2dc697b},cn=policies,cn=system,dc=smb4,dc=tst
> cn=user,cn{f6f519f1-7ec2-4f98-9b87-3d05e2dc697b},cn=policies,cn=system,dc=smb4,dc=tst
> Of course let me know !
> Matthieu

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