[IPA] Disabling Heimdal service

Stefan (metze) Metzmacher metze at samba.org
Tue Nov 24 04:49:19 MST 2009

Hi Endi,

>> ie, one 'listen on tcp and udp' function, which for kpassed (as an
>> example) provides kpasswdd_tcp_stream_ops and kpasswdd_process as a
>> parameter?  (Bonus points for rationalising it down to just
>> kpasswd_process). 
> Please take a look at the attached patches. They should be applied on
> top of patch #1.
> Patch #4 merges the 2 add_socket functions using the stream_ops and
> process as parameters.

Looks good!

> Patch #5 eliminates the stream_ops parameter by constructing it
> dynamically and storing the process in its private_data. The
> kdc_tcp_accept() will get the process from the private_data.

you don't need to add a private_data to stream_server_ops.

you should pass a private_data to stream_setup_socket(),
and you'll get it on stream_connection->private_data in the accept function.

You should pass kdc_socket instead of kdc as private_data to
stream_setup_socket(). Then kdc_tcp_stream_ops can stay "static const".


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