Add GPFS VFS support for AIX

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Hi folks

Currently, as already mentioned in a previous post, the GPFS VFS code is purely designed for Linux. Since I would be needing GPFS support for Samba on AIX (mainly for ACLs), I made some modifications to the GPFS VFS code in order to get this to work on AIX aswell. It should be noted however that certain calls in the GPFS GPL libs were solely made for Samba (on Linux) and were not ported to AIX (even though the entrypoints are available). Moreover some of those calls dump core (illegal opcode). This has been reported to the L3 GPFS people. This will be fixed in a future release in which those functions will simply return ENOSYS on AIX.
I have been testing the modifications in the past few days and everything works fine.
It should be noted however that this is just a first attempt to get *some* GPFS VFS support for AIX. 

Would someone be willing to review these patches?
Should I open a bugzilla item for this?

Thanks a lot


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