Samba4 TLS/SSL problem

Marcel Ritter Marcel.Ritter at
Wed May 20 07:50:20 GMT 2009


I recently posted about problems with the new (full M$ schema)
Samba 4 version. However in the meantime I did some more testing,
and I found the reason to be something totally different:

In my post I reported about crashing jxplorer/apachedirectorystudio when
trying to list the schema (which did not occur with the minimal schema used
before). Browsing the other DN entries worked fine.

What I found in the meantime:
Without TLS/SSL everything works as expected.
Using stunnel (instead of build-in) TLS/SSL works fine, too.

So I started a new test: I created 10000 users (using newuser), and
ran the SSL test again. Now browsing CN=Users fails the same way
schema browsing fails.

So I guess the problem is related to the number/size of entries returned.
(That's probably the reason why it did not occur with the minimal schema

Maybe someone could have a look at that, or give me some hints
where to look for the problem? I'm not really into gnutls coding, but
I'd give it a try ;-)


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