Python scripts on SAMBA4 - Alpha 8

Wed Jul 29 13:33:28 MDT 2009

> I do have some other questions, if you don't mind:
> *) Is it possible, at this time, to compile SAMBA 4 to use SSL binding for LDAP calls to AD?

>>That should work fine.  I'll shortly remove an unnecessary restriction
>>avoiding GnuTLS > 2.6. 

What are the specific compile options within SAMBA 4 - alpha 8 to get this compiled for SSL?

> *) How is the SAMBA team progressing on back-end replication for SAMBA 4 AD?

>>This can be answered in two different ways, depending on what you are

>>We can use OpenLDAP for replication.  This makes the whole replication
>>problem 'someone else's problem'.  The downside is that we are not as
>>closely tied to our database, and so some aspects of the operation are
>>not emulated as well (in particular we don't have transactions, so if
>>things go wrong, we can't assume an auto-cleanup). 

>>We are also working on DRSUAPI replication, to replicate against
>>windows.  We have an inbound 'vampire' working for a demo, but there is
>>still work to do.

Is the DRSUAPI portion a separate piece of code outside of the SAMBA code base?  Meaning, is this a compilable option
available in the existing, or somewhere, to test possible SAMBA 4 to SAMBA 4 replica at this time?

>>When we implement a DRSUAPI server, then we will have native
>>Samba4->Samba4 replication. 

Please don't take this the wrong way but how is the development road-map on this piece?  Meaning,
if not much attention is focused on DRSUAPI/replication, and it could take another 6 months, or longer,
I may just start looking into going pure OpenLDAP back-end, if that piece is a viable solution.


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