talloc -- Eureka*

Sam Liddicott sam at liddicott.com
Wed Jul 29 00:52:31 MDT 2009

* tridge wrote, On 29/07/09 07:37:
> Hi Sam,
>  > Perhaps we'll call it talloc_sticky_reference and
>  > #define talloc_slippy_reference _talloc_reference
>  > #define talloc_reference talloc_reference_is_too_dangerous_for_you
> no, please just the function you want by a new name and don't do
> anything to the old call.

ok... but the old name is misleading. People will use it thinking that
they don't need a sticky reference (whatever that is!!) and then get a
nasty surprise.

While we don't want people to eagerly:
neither do we want people writing fresh new code to chose the old
function, the one with unpredictable side effects (which will now be
talloc_free failing on multiple "old" references).


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