samba cluster and nmbd

Evgeny Privarotskiy pea1999 at
Wed Jul 15 08:21:46 MDT 2009

Great to know that this functionality already exists. It will save
some development.

On Wed, Jul 15, 2009 at 11:53 AM, Michael Adam<obnox at> wrote:
> Christian M Ambach wrote:
>> Michael wrote on 07/14/2009 10:39:01 PM:
>> > The NetBIOS browsing stuff works with broadcasts. Since the nodes
>> > in a samba-ctdb cluster should appear as _one_ cifs server with a
>> > common netbios name and so on, when you start nmbd on mutliple
>> > nodes, then the nmbd will compete with each other about who the
>> > names belong to. Also the wins functionality of nmbd is not
>> > replicated properly in the cluster (it is not a tdb database that
>> > could be replicated by ctdb).
>> There is a config parameter cluster addresses with which you can specify
>> which addresses nmbd should announce on the network.
>> However there is currently no direct interaction between ctdb and nmbd,
>> so each time you modify your list of public addresses, you'll have to
>> update that parameter.
>> I am not sure if this allows to run nmbd multiple times, but at least
>> with one nmbd, it will announce all addresses of your cluster.
> Golly gosh - I was not aware of this at all!!
> Thanks Christian for pointing this out...
> It is precisely supposed to make nmbd runnable on all cluster
> nodes. Metze has added this 2 years ago... As Christian wrote,
> you need to update this setting when you change the overall list of
> public IP addresses.
> When you specify an (external) wins server in smb.conf, then
> the nmbds will register the cluster addresses with the wins
> server (under the netbios name of the cluster) automatically.
> This should be an external server though.
> Michael

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