the sorry saga of the talloc soname 'fix'

Jelmer Vernooij jelmer at
Wed Jul 8 22:19:39 GMT 2009

tridge at wrote:
> Hi Jelmer,
>  > FWIW, these issues were fixed in Debian experimental a couple of
>  > months ago, so I would expect Karmic to ship with properly working
>  > packages.
> excellent!
> If we can get the updated talloc API in too then we'll be in much
> better shape than we are now.
Yeah, there should be enough time for that if such a change was deemed
necessary upstream (sorry for being deliberately vague but I haven't
read all of the huge thread yet).
> One thing I wanted to ask you. If we add a talloc_set_log_fn() call to
> replace the stderr hack I have in there now, then how do I ensure this
> is called from all Samba code? Can we associate an init function with
> lib/util/debug.c ?
We could probably call this function as part of the initialization of
the debug system.



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