patch to source4/lib/wmi/tools/wmic.c

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Thu Jan 29 16:58:19 GMT 2009

Hi Dmitry,

On Thu, 2009-01-29 at 17:39 +0100, Dmitry Karasik wrote:
> This is a report of a message I've sent some time ago, no-one has answered, but
> talking on IRC I was advised to repost, so that's what I'm doing. Apologies if
> you have already read that, but I would appreciate if anyone would respond to
> this letter. At the very least, tell me what else can I do to have this patch
> reviewed and/on included. Thank you!
> I'm using wmic as a standalone program, and I need output of bin/wmic to be defined
> with a more strict syntax, so that data that reported by the tool do not clash
> with metadata characters (|,()) etc. Please find attached the patch that
> changes the wmic output so that a) such characters are escaped b) null values
> are reported as "(null)" string instead of "NULL", so a literal "NULL" that WMI
> may eventually report won't be treated as a null value (if WMI reports "(null)"
> then the output will be properly quoted as "\(null\)").
This code doesn't even work anymore at the moment, so I feel a little
bit uncomfortable applying a patch to it that I can't test. Please
follow John's suggestion and put it in bugzilla for now. I'll hopefully
be able to merge it once the WMI support in Samba 4 works again.


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