Samba4 shared FS + MacOS issue

Gavin Beatty gavinbeatty at
Wed Jan 28 09:22:57 GMT 2009

2009/1/27 Xavier Ambrosioni <xavier.ambrosioni at>:
> Hi,
> you will find in attachment the dump file. I used the command 'tcpdump -i
> en0 -s 0 |grep -v vnc >DumpFile.txt' because I'm currently using VNC to
> connect to my mac and I wanted to remove the vnc packets from the dump file
> to decrease its size.

Hi Xavier,

Please follow George's instructions as the text output of tcpdump is
not a "dump" in the proper sense. The important part is the -w
~/Desktop/DumpFile.dmp. This writes a true dump file which has much
more (extremely useful!) information. Using wireshark (or ethereal),
it's easy for the samba guys to visually exclude your VNC traffic when
they view the DumpFile.dmp so there is no need for you to worry about

So, if you follow George's instructions exactly and attach the
DumpFile.dmp, all will be well.


Gavin Beatty


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