more patches to ctdb

Michael Adam obnox at
Sat Jan 17 15:21:58 GMT 2009

Hi Ronnie,

there is now one more patch to makerpms (fix detection of support
for --rsyncable flag in gzip) on top of my repo:;a=shortlog;h=refs/heads/master

i.e. branch master of git://

Cheers - Michael

Michael Adam wrote:
> Hi Ronnie,
> there are more patches in my ctdb repo master branch:
> 1. a typo fix in the ctdb.init skript
>    the typo was introduced by me and makes the
>    skript fail in certain situations.
> 2. The changes we discussed that make the 50.samba
>    script handle (manage) samba correctly also
>    on non-rhel systems (suse, ubuntu/debian)
>    this introduces detect_init_style() in functions
>    which is called in ctdb.init. ctdb.init then
>    exports CTDB_INIT_STYLE.
>    detect_init_style() is then invoked again in
>    50.samba, but the function only redetects if
>    CTDB_INIT_STYLE is not already set.
>    This allows for even hard coding CTDB_INIT_STYLE
>    in sysconfig.ctdb if necessary!
> At least the first mentioned patch is needed for 1.0.70,
> I would say. The others would be nice to have.
> About the tags:
> you can change a tag upstream this way locally:
> 1. git tag -d ctdb-1.0.70
> 2. git tag [-s] ctdb-1.0.70 [<HASH>]
> 3. git push sahlberg tag ctdb-1.0.70
> This will replace the already pushed tag.
> Cheers - Michael

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