amba 4 alpha 5 with user_xattr error: system cannot find the file specified

Ying Hu yinghu24 at
Fri Jan 16 14:41:42 GMT 2009

    This is a similar message posted on samba general list, as I
understand samba 4 is still in alpha, so posting here probably can get
better response.
I am trying samba4 alpha5 because I would like to use the feature of
xattr for ACL. I set up a PDC. After that, I can join the domain from
a windows 2003 machine. I can create files fine from the share and I
can change permissions of the file, which is exactly the feature I
want to use (I tried samba 3, seems like I can't change permission of
a file, is that right?). However, I noticed that I can not drag and
drop a file from a non-share place to the share and what is worse is
that, after that action failed, I can't create files from the share
any more. I always get the error saying system can not find the file
I can provide logs if asked. Please help me.

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