Samba4 & SMB2 questions

Howard Gregory Greg.Howard at
Wed Jan 14 14:13:15 GMT 2009

Hello all,

Please pardon me if these questions are off-topic for this list.  I'd
appreciate a pointer to the correct forum.

I am trying to benchmark the performance difference between SMB and SMB2
as hosted by a PowerPC-based platform.  I've been trying to do this with
samba-4.0.0alpha5.  I have learned the hard way that my dirt-simple
share-security-based Samba 3.0.32 configuration won't drop in easily to
Samba 4.

My setup consists of the PowerPC-based Samba server connected by a
single Gigabit Ethernet cable to a Windows client machine.  As far as I
can tell neither system is a member of any "domain".  Although smbd
compiles and runs on the server, neither XP nor Vista clients can
connect to the share.  Even the "administrator" user fails.  After doing
a bit of digging, I have a few questions:

1) Is SMB2 actually usable in Samba 4?  The WHATSNEW.TXT file talks
about the SMB2 server being "disabled"; do I need to provide some
different options at compile time in order to turn it on?  Or is it just
not ready to use?

2) Assuming SMB2 is functional, is it still the case that share-level
security is not yet supported in Samba 4?

3) I want to have my configuration be as "wide open" as possible in
terms of security.  In the absence of "share" security, how do I set up
a user or users with NO password, NO authentication, and all access
types allowed?

4) Likewise, I have tried to configure my Samba server as "standalone",
as I want to avoid any entanglements with domain controllers or Active
Directory.  Is there anything special I need to do to turn these
features off?

I'll attach my smb.conf below in case it helps.

Again, please accept my apologies if this is OT or the answers are
clearly documented somewhere (pointers to documentation are welcome).

Thanks in advance,
Greg Howard

	netbios name	= samba-server
	workgroup	= WORKGROUP
	realm		=
	server role     = standalone
	path = /smbshare
	read only = no
	browseable = yes
	printable = no

testparm output
# Global parameters
	server role = standalone
	workgroup = WORKGROUP
	realm =
	netbios name = SAMBA-SERVER
	prefork children:smb = 4
	registry:hkey_users = hku.ldb
	registry:hkey_local_machine = hklm.ldb
	auth methods:standalone = anonymous sam_ignoredomain
	auth methods:member server = anonymous sam winbind
	auth methods:domain controller = anonymous sam_ignoredomain
	comment = 
	path = 
	ntvfs handler = unixuid, default
	read only = Yes
	create mask = 0744
	force create mode = 00
	directory mask = 0755
	force directory mode = 00
	hosts allow = 
	hosts deny = 
	max connections = -1
	strict sync = No
	case insensitive filesystem = No
	max print jobs = 1000
	printable = No
	printer name = 
	map system = No
	map hidden = No
	map archive = Yes
	browseable = Yes
	csc policy = manual
	strict locking = Yes
	oplocks = Yes
	copy = 
	include = 
	available = Yes
	volume = 
	fstype = NTFS
	msdfs root = No

	path = /smbshare
	read only = No

	comment = IPC Service (Samba 4.0.0alpha5)
	path = /tmp
	ntvfs handler = default
	browseable = No
	fstype = IPC

	comment = DISK Service (Samba 4.0.0alpha5)
	path = /tmp
	browseable = No
	fstype = DISK

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