Unable to join a domain with windows 7 beta1

Luke Howard lukeh at padl.com
Wed Jan 14 11:14:07 GMT 2009

I found something weird (and similar) with Windows 7.

Adding "wins support = yes" to smb.conf got me past the domain join,  
but it then appeared to insist that the NetBIOS domain name was the  
left-most component of the DNS domain (not that this should matter for  
Samba 3).

-- Luke

On 14/01/2009, at 9:58 PM, Larry Velez wrote:

> This may be completely off base here, but I noticed that Windows 7  
> has a concept of different classifications for the networks you  
> connect to.  It seems to default to an 'untrusted/unknown' type  
> which allows only "local access" to the network, which seems to mean  
> communication on your own subnet only.
> I have noticed one behavior that seems to be a bug where the  
> wireless connection on a laptop will default back to 'local access  
> only' after a reboot even if it is manually set correctly.
> I'm thinking that there is a chance that this new "security"  
> subsystem might be misidentifying the samba server as 'not local',  
> or worse that it only trusts Windows machines.
> Just throwing some ideas out there for troubleshooting.
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> I'm getting the exact same results.  The message says,
> 'The following error occurred attempting to join the domain "xxx":
> The specified domain either does not exist or could not be contacted'
> At first I thought this was due to stricter security policy defaults  
> in
> Windows 7, but after setting these to the same values as the XP  
> clients that
> have no problem, it still fails.  The policy items I was playing  
> with were:
> Domain member: Require strong (Windows 2000 or later) session key
> Microsoft network client: Send unencrypted password to connect to
> third-party SMB servers
> Samba server is 3.2.7-0.23.fc9 on Fedora 9.  Client is Windows 7  
> Beta build
> 7000.
> It's strange because I'm not even getting any hits in the samba logs  
> when
> the client tries to join, so it appears that it's not even making it  
> to
> smbd, but it is definitely resolving the DC name correctly because  
> if I type
> in an incorrect value for the Domain field in the client and try to  
> join,
> the error is different.

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