i5/OS Netserver performance

Tom.VanLooy at lisis.be Tom.VanLooy at lisis.be
Tue Jan 13 10:08:41 GMT 2009


I have a question for you CIFS/SMB experts.
It's not in particular about a Samba issue but more about the way Samba 
does things.

So, here's the story. I tried to migrate my Windows 2003 file share to a 
IBM System i using i5/OS Netserver.
Netserver was performing very poorly. It seemed that Netserver made my 
Windows client send very
small packages compared to a Windows server. So, I opened a call with IBM 
on this.

Basically IBM points it's finger at Microsoft because Netserver is only 
fulfilling the client requests. They
already unsuccessfully tried to get assistance from Microsoft in order to 
determine why the client has
decided to read in small increments rather than larger blocks. I just 
opened an other call at Microsoft
and asked if they can explain why there is a variance in behavior.

Anyway, in the meanwhile, Samba does not seem to suffer from such 
So my question is if Samba implements workarounds for such stuff.
I'm not really a c developer and I'm not familiar with the Samba codebase, 
so any help is appreciated :-)

Kind regards,

Tom Van Looy
Software engineer

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