i5/OS Netserver performance

Gerald (Jerry) Carter jerry at samba.org
Tue Jan 13 12:53:50 GMT 2009

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Tom.VanLooy at lisis.be wrote:
> Hi
> I have a question for you CIFS/SMB experts.
> It's not in particular about a Samba issue but more about the way Samba 
> does things.
> So, here's the story. I tried to migrate my Windows 2003 file share to a 
> IBM System i using i5/OS Netserver.
> Netserver was performing very poorly. It seemed that Netserver made my 
> Windows client send very
> small packages compared to a Windows server. So, I opened a call with IBM 
> on this.
> Basically IBM points it's finger at Microsoft because Netserver is only 
> fulfilling the client requests. They
> already unsuccessfully tried to get assistance from Microsoft in order to 
> determine why the client has
> decided to read in small increments rather than larger blocks. I just 
> opened an other call at Microsoft
> and asked if they can explain why there is a variance in behavior.


On more than on occasion, the client behavior has been determined to
be dependent on specific server replies.  Jeremy and Volker are
the best ones to provide details.  My guess is simply that the
Netserver is negotiating a buffer size or something that causing
the client to drop to this small packet mode.  But because there
are so many ways to do similar operations in CIFS, it can be hard
to compare implementations unless you hold one to be the
implementation to match.

So in this case, you would need to compare the same operation
from a client against a Windows server and Netserver and see
where the network traffic differs (or starts to diverge).

cheers, jerry

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