core dump

bhaskar jain bhaskar.jain2002 at
Mon Jan 12 11:27:36 GMT 2009


While joining a AD domain whose name is very long, I get core dump. Running
gdb shows that it core dumped at pull_netlogon_string() which is in cldap.c


Thanks in advance for your time and help.

gdb) bt #0  0x081d43df in pull_netlogon_string ()
 #1  0x081d4b28 in ads_cldap_netlogon ()
#2  0x081c7213 in ads_try_connect ()
 #3  0x081caa09 in ads_connect ()
#4  0x081dafde in get_dc_name ()
#5  0x08082f42 in net_ads_join ()
 #6  0x0807f573 in net_run_function ()
#7  0x080857dd in net_ads ()
#8  0x0807f573 in net_run_function ()
#9  0x08080b64 in main () (gdb)

Is it a known issue? I know the AD domain name is not RFC compliant. Is
there any patch for the same?

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