Oliver Liebel oliver at itc.li
Tue Jan 6 12:24:20 GMT 2009

hi andrew,

what do you think about the following idea
to integrate the openldap online-configuration (olc) into the 
provision-backend script:

--ol-olc=[yes/no]  # activating openldap-online-configuration [choice]
--ol-olc-slaptest=[path/to/slaptest/binary] # using given slaptest 
binary for offline-conversion [path]

if both directives are used, the generated slapd.conf will be converted 
after creation into the
olc-format (using hardcoded directory ../private/ldap/slapd.d/)

if both directives above, and the directive --olc-mmr-urls=...  are set,
then an olc-mmr-seed.ldif will be generated additionally, to setup the 
other mmr-servers (using slapadd).


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