Thanks to Andrew(s), OpenChange Schema works again

Sassy Natan sassyn at
Thu Jan 1 13:08:08 GMT 2009

Hi All

Does this mean that the openchange provision script now works?

I'm in a middle of a process to rewrite the Windows 2008 Schema Files
located in the Samba4 head version so I hope this will not impact my work.

Why not to combine the exchange schema and windows 2008 schema together?

Thanks all for the great work!

On Tue, Dec 30, 2008 at 6:11 PM, Julien Kerihuel
<j.kerihuel at>wrote:

> Hi Lists,
> I just wanted to thank Andrew Tridgell and Andrew Bartlett for the very
> good work on LDB and how they fixed the "excessive LDB schema file size"
> issue OpenChange encountered a while ago.
> I've just been testing the whole thing and schema file only takes 5MB
> while it used to be ~700MB.
> Similarly, opening schema.ldb with ldbedit and quitting without saving
> used to add 200MB more to the file while it now remains identical.
> So we now have a very acceptable 7.6MB schema file and OpenChange schema
> provisioning and user attributes extension still work properly.
> I'll be working for the next day on EMSABP integration within mapiproxy
> + some kind of modular server system so we can choose between "real
> providers" and "fake ones" only intended to torture libmapi/Outlook.
> Once again, thanks for all the good work!
> Cheers,
> Julien.
> Julien Kerihuel
> j.kerihuel at
> OpenChange Project Manager
> GPG Fingerprint: 0B55 783D A781 6329 108A  B609 7EF6 FE11 A35F 1F79

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