[PATCH] make libsmbclient work with DFS (Was: [RFC] To make libsmbclient work for DFS shares for samba3)

Derrell Lipman derrell.lipman at unwireduniverse.com
Thu Feb 19 08:36:26 MST 2009

2009/2/19 boyang <boyang at suse.de>

> Hi, Derrell & Jeremy:
>     This is the updated version of the patch. There are two
> improvements according to Derrell's comment:
> * Keep the smbc_set_credentials() API untact.
> * Merge smbc_set_crendentials_wrapper() into libsmb_path.c and
> libsmb_server.c
>      Tested and worked fine for me. :-)
>      Pls review it, Thanks!

Ok, I'm much happier with this patch. :-)  I have one change I think we
should make, for consistency, and a naming change request.

1. The function smbc_set_credentials_wrapper() takes an SMBCCTX * as a
parameter. The convention in the library is that functions that take a
SMBCCTX * parameter have it as the first parameter, so please move it from
the end of the parameter list to the beginning.

2. If smbc_set_credentials_wrapper() really should be an exposed function in
the the interface (and it looks like it probably should be), we can probably
come up with a better name for it. How about either
smbc_set_credentials_auto() or smbc_set_credentials_with_fallback() ?

If you'd like to make these couple of changes and then submit a patch
generated with git-format-patch (so you are attributed), I'll commit this
for you.



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