[RFC] To make libsmbclient work for DFS shares for samba3

Derrell Lipman derrell.lipman at unwireduniverse.com
Tue Feb 17 06:39:50 MST 2009

2009/2/17 boyang <boyang at suse.de>

> >
> > If it's not working, I'd like to know :-).
> >
> No, It is not working if the DFS target cannot be accessed anonymously.
> Also keep derrell in the loop. :-)
> Derrell & Jeremy:
>       Here is the patch for master, pls review it. If it is OK, I'll
> backport it to 3-[023]. Thanks!

Hi. I've looked only briefly at your patch. Thanks for working on this!

There is one significant problem with the patch which makes it difficult to
include as is: you've modified the API/ABI with the signature change of
smbc_set_credentials(). It looks like the change you made possibly should
have been there all along, but I'd like to look into alternatives to
changing the signature.

Also, there are numerous calls to your new wrapper function. When I get some
time to look into this, I'll see if maybe that functionality can be merged
into the generic code in libsmb_server.c instead of spread throughout the

I may not get to this right away. If you'd like to look into the above two
issues, that'd be great. It looks like the changes to the core
(non-libsmbclient) code are fairly unobtrusive, but I suspect Jeremy will
comment on those if there are any issues.

      BTW: the Makefile under examples/libsmbclient seems broken,
> missing some libraries. I can toggle it to build, __BUT__ I am really
> not sure which ones are missed. :-)

Please provide details. I use that Makefile all the time for my testing and
have no issues, but I'm testing only under Linux. What OS are you using, and
what issues are you seeing?

Thanks again,


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