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Wed Feb 11 02:00:08 MST 2009

Thanks a lot! It is clear for me now :)

Matthieu Patou пишет:
> On 02/10/2009 08:08 PM, Евгений Степанищев wrote:
>> Hello!
>> Please help me. For what the utility "provision" uses the admin 
>> password? What operations with its to do with the password?
> The provision commands populate some tables so that your samba can 
> operate, the password option helps you to define the administrator 
> password for your server.
> If your server operate as standalone server, you will need this 
> password to access shares as an administrator or you will need it to 
> add users to your server.
> If you operate your server as a domain controler this password is for 
> the domain administrator.
> I guess the interest of this parameter is quite obvious !
> Cheers.
> Matthieu

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