[PATCH] Add infrastructure for gathering statistics on SMB messages

Todd Stecher todd.stecher at isilon.com
Thu Feb 5 22:48:15 GMT 2009

> The problem is -- without a module that we can test against,
> it's very likely that changes in process.c or somewhere else
> will just break your module again. So you don't really gain
> a lot without a sample modules everyone runs.
> Don't get me wrong, the interface to me looks really good.
> But without having it in a runnable form, it's really hard
> to keep it functional.

Ok - I talked to Tim - I'll build one tonight / tomorrow so you have
something to test against.  I'll get that pushed ASAP - right now, all
of my build machines / repositories are building (slow VMs...), so I
won't be able to get this done until tomorrow.  It will likely closely
resemble the OneFS module + some user mode storage for the values (I
think I'll pull parts of the profiling code into the module).


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