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Hey Wade,

Wade wrote:
>  Hi folks,
>       Just newbie in samba-technical mail list.
>       I got some questions on how to make samba smaller to only
> contains SMB server functinalities:
> in current source code that I have -- samba-3.2.7, it contains
> huuuuuge amount folders. but for a basic function - to act as a
> server, and sharing files between linux & windows system, what is
> must?
>      I know this could be a big question since I havn't many ideas
> about the source till now. Can you guys pls share some clue with me?

My advice is to make a feature list of what you really want.
For example, a CIFS server has to perform authentication.
Do you want domain intgeration?  If so, you'll need to
include the rpc, Krb5, and ldap support.  What about server
managament? if you want to supprot the \srvsvc pipe, youe need
server rpc there as well.

If you just want a CIFS server, look at the smbd and lib,
and libsmb directories in source.  You'll also need passdb
for local account authentication.

I expect that the main hurdle will be carving things out of
the Makefile and get a successful build without all the corss
file dependecies.

cheers, jerry
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