Fixing ntlm_auth server-1 method

Kai Blin kai at
Sun Aug 30 08:56:32 MDT 2009

On Saturday 29 August 2009 15:49:01 James Rhodes wrote:
Hi James,

> Recently I discovered that ntlm_auth wasn't working too great on the
> ntlm-server-1 helper protocol (as in, crashing).  With help from abartlet
> at #samba-technical at, I've managed to get a new version
> compiling but it unfortunately still has a segmentation fault
> messaging_init (line 831).  He told me to send an email to the mailing list
> if I got stuck, so here I am.

What version of Samba are we talking about here, and what's the sequence of 
commands that triggers the crash?


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