Regression in new wb_lookupname path

Steven Danneman steven.danneman at
Wed Aug 19 11:20:09 MDT 2009

> Steven Danneman wrote:
> > Falling back on the forest root isn't actually the best response we
> > could do.  Rather, I think we should probably track which domain in
> > our forest is acting as the Global Catalog and fallback to
> > it.  I don't know that we currently store this information in the
> > winbindd parent though.
> Hey Steven,
> From what I remember, fallback back to the asking the forest root is
what I
> saw Windows do.  But it has been a really long time so I might have
> some details.
> It would be interesting to know if the LsaLookupName() call behaves
> against a DC in our domain vs. the GC vs. a forest root DC.

Hey Jerry,

Agreed, the correct destination for the LookupName call in winbindd
needs more investigation.  This is particularly important when trusted
domains are involved.

I'm curious as to why a direct query to the DC with which the name is
qualified isn't the best option.  It seems, that if a domain is within
the same forest or trusted, that we should be able to query it directly.


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