Regression in new wb_lookupname path

Gerald Carter jerry at
Wed Aug 19 06:54:37 MDT 2009

Steven Danneman wrote:

> Falling back on the forest root isn't actually the best response we
> could do.  Rather, I think we should probably track which domain in our
> forest is acting as the Global Catalog and fallback to contacting it.  I
> don't know that we currently store this information in the winbindd
> parent though.

Hey Steven,

From what I remember, fallback back to the asking the
forest root is what I saw Windows do.  But it has been
a really long time so I might have missed some details.
It would be interesting to know if the LsaLookupName()
call behaves different against a DC in our domain vs. the
GC vs. a forest root DC.

cheers, jerry
"What man is a man who does not make the world better?"      --Balian

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