extended provision-backend

Oliver Liebel oliver at itc.li
Fri Aug 7 02:46:10 MDT 2009

Oliver Liebel schrieb:
>>> I'll handle both the Ldb change and integration if you don't have time.
>>> Andrew Bartlett
>  i would like to handle the ldb change, if its okay for you.
> please just give a short hint where i can find some stuff about the
> ldb-related ldapsearch syntax / procedure ( ../source4/libs/ldb.. ?)
>  or a quick syntax example. ill do the rest.
found it (../lib/ldb/tests/python/ldap.py ) .
i guess the syntax must be something like that:

 search_ol_rootdse = ldb.search(base="", scope=SCOPE_BASE,

but i have not seen any parameter to specify host/uri.


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