Samba-3.3.4 Challenges

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I can confirm this from a few weeks ago.  I did just about the test that you described with sernet RPMs on centos 5.3 proper.  Both 32 and 64 bit. My user SIDS remained, but groups were lost.  Domain members passed a testjoin and resolved users via winbind without problem.  I can give more info when I have a proper keyboard in front of me in an hour or so (currently on my phone, which is painful to type on!I) I might still have logs, also...
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Samba 3.3.3 on Centos 5.3 has problems with profile acls on the profiles
share, so today I updated to samba 3.3.4.  This solves the profile acls
problem but appears to have introduced a new bug.

Would someone who has 3.3.4 please try the following:

1. Execute the following and record the values reported:
	net getlocalsid
	net getdomainsid

2. Change the workgroup name

3. stop smbd, nmbd, and winbind

4. delete the secrets.tdb file

5. Start samba daemons: smbd nmbd winbind

6. Reset the original domain sid using:
	net setdomainsid S-1-5-21-xxxxxxxxxxx-xxxxxxxxx-xxxxxxxxx
per the values obtained from 'net getdomainsid'

The error message is:	"Cannot fetch local SID."

I am requesting validation to make sure this is not an isolated problem.
I'll file a bug report if someone can confirm this is not an isolated issue.


- John T.
"If at first you don't succeed, don't go sky-diving!"

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