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Wed Apr 8 19:23:18 GMT 2009

Rob Joyce wrote:
> Hi all,
> Back about 2 years ago, there was some discussion on this list about Samba
> support for creating and deleting services on Windows machines (in addition
> to starting and stopping them).  Danny Tylman provided a patch implementing
> this
> and there seemed to be some interest about it in subsequent messages.
> However, it looks like the createservice / deleteservice support was never
> integrated -- at least, as far as I could tell from 3.3.3 and 4.0.0a7
> source.
> I'm just curious what happened to this feature...

Ok, so this is tracked in

At the time the patch was posted, we already started to move to IDL
based and autogenerated rpc functions. This makes features like that
dramatically easier to add. Unfortunately we haven't heard back from the
original author for a while now.

So, I think we will just add this to Samba 3.4 (not sure if we can get
it into 3.3 as well at this time, depends on you convincing our
release-manager :) ). Just subscribe to that bug to follow the progress.


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