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Rather than rewriting idmap_ad, I adapted the Likewise
Enterprise plugin.  This may be of interest to some ppl.
Current it does not support the SFU schema but I could
probably plumb that in if really required.

Also, this requirement to add certain attributes to the
PAS for global catalog is completely acceptable to me.
But I'm sure this will involve some discussion.  I'm
not willing to rewrite this without the global catalog

- From the commit msg:

The adex idmap/nss_info plugin is an adapation of the Likewise
Enterprise plugin with support for OU based cells removed
(since the Windows pieces to manage the cells are not available).

This plugin supports

  * The RFC2307 schema for users and groups.
  * Connections to trusted domains
  * Global catalog searches
  * Cross forest trusts
  * User and group aliases

Prerequiste: Add the following attributes to the Partial Attribute
Set in global catalog:

  * uidNumber
  * uid
  * gidNumber

A basic config using the current trunk code would look like

      idmap backend = adex
      idmap uid = 10000 - 19999
      idmap gid = 20000 - 29999
      idmap config US:backend = adex
      idmap config US:range = 20000 - 29999
      winbind nss info = adex

       winbind normalize names = yes
       winbind refresh tickets = yes
       template homedir = /home/%D/%U
       template shell = /bin/bash

cheers, jerry
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