codeflow LDAP group listing

Roman Divacky roman_divacky at
Wed Sep 3 11:34:13 GMT 2008


I am trying to implement uniqueMember groups in samba which currently 
supports just memberUid.

I modified passdb/pdb_ldap.c functions ldapsam_enum_group_memberships()
and ldapsam_enum_group_members(). But my code does not work.

When I try to test it by listing members of a group by issuing:

	net -S -U mjankovic rpc group members grupka6

it prints nothing nor those two functions are called, the net command
seems to create an RPC call to the samba server but I am not able to 
find where the actual loading of the group entries takes place.. I can
only find encapsulating the answer to the blob sent over the wire.

can someone help me to see what the actual codeflow is? I am using samba 
3.2 btw

thnx a lot!


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