Linking GPL3 code with IPL? (Was: afs_syscall (Samba as a client of OpenAFS))

Gémes Géza geza at
Mon Oct 6 19:25:04 GMT 2008

Volker Lendecke írta:
> On Sun, Oct 05, 2008 at 10:41:06PM +0200, Gémes Géza wrote:
>> I've built up a patch (attachment 3658 to bug 5799 on samba bugzilla)
>> which makes fake-kaserver and vfs-afsacl work again.
>> But the patched configure makes smbd, net and maybe other binaries link
>> with libsys.a in order to communicate with the openafs kernel code. The
>> question is what are the legal consequences, are the binaries
>> distributable et all?
> At the time I wrote the fake kaserver stuff I had the same
> concerns and thus did a fresh implementation of the ticket
> generation and syscall wrappers. Can't you do the same with
> the proc_afs_syscall thing? This can't be much code.
> Volker
Unfortunately this time it seems to be a lot harder, the main change
being at least to my understanding, the fact that the openafs kernel
module doesn't advertise its services as a system call, and thus we
cannot link with just libc code which calls into the kernel, but need to
explicitly use openafs calls for the same propose resulting in a need to
link to their code.
Hope is not lost totally yet as I've read about some work of developing
a GPL licensed kernel module, and then we could use some glue code from


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