samba4 multimaster DC setup - show stoppers

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Fri Nov 14 14:16:04 GMT 2008

Hi Gavin,
thanks for this pointer, i now know i am clearly on the master branch.
But ( of course )  i double checked it with the commands you gave me.
The git checkout master did instantly return ....

So i think it is really a problem with the provision tool. I spend now
time to get into python :)

Thanks a lot.

root at wzbgprn1 /usr/src/samba-master
 # git branch
* master
root at wzbgprn1 /usr/src/samba-master
 # git checkout master
root at wzbgprn1 /usr/src/samba-master

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> On Fri, Nov 14, 2008 at 12:31 PM, Thorsten Trautwein-Veit
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>> Hi Jelmer,
>> thanks for your answer. I am not really familiar with git ( i normaly
>> use svn ) i am using samba-master/source4 as source directory. As
>> mentioned in the samba4 how-to.
> I'm unclear as to whether you mean you're on the master branch or not
> yet. Here's how to do so with git.
> Git doesn't have directories for branches, tags etc. So, to make sure
> you are using the master branch as was mentioned, do:
>   $ git branch
> You should get something like
> * master
>   v4-0-test
> meaning you're on master. If you're not, checkout master like so:
>   $ git checkout master
> Then try the ./configure, make, ./setup/privision magic again from the
> source4 directory.

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