samba4: machine and user accounts

Mike Wilkinson mwilkinson at
Wed May 28 14:02:03 GMT 2008

Andrew Bartlett wrote:
> It is described in drsblobs.idl
> Given that the table is not accessible from windows, I am at a loss as
> to why Metze chose a binary encoding.  Even so, building a text
> import/export system (along the lines of the one used for security
> descriptors and SIDs, both of which are also binary) should not be
> difficult. 
Well I saw how it's represented in memory, that'd be a joy to work with, 
it's the in-directory copy that's foxed me. I'll have a quick look at 
the SIDs tools, see if they're using the same encoding method, and maybe 
give it another go, but time's pressing now so it'll be quick.
> I'm sorry we have not been able to make this work for you in the
> timeframe required.  If you wish to try this again in future, we would
> very much appriciate the chance to assist, as it is real world
> deployments that will make Samba4 stronger.
It's not a biggie, although it would have been nice to put windows out 
of the back office completely. I think it's just a case of too much too 
soon. I've got another couple of bugs to post, so at the very least it 
was good for reporting those.

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