samba4: machine and user accounts

Manu manu.b2007 at
Wed May 28 13:20:28 GMT 2008


> I'm sorry we have not been able to make this work for you in the
> timeframe required.  If you wish to try this again in future, we would
> very much appriciate the chance to assist, as it is real world
> deployments that will make Samba4 stronger.

I decided to install a Samba4 server at home on a real machine to do some
tests. I currently joined only my laptop to the domain (XP SP3), I have a
few things to fix with DHCP and DNS, then I'll be able to join other
machines, real ones, or virtual machines in order to test several OS.

I may also test OpenChange in a near future.

(I'm sometimes on IRC as hotnuma)


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