getting vss version of files over network with SAMBA client

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Thu Mar 6 07:18:08 GMT 2008


I posted this a couple of days back. Could somebody give some clues about handling VSS volumes and files over the network with SAMBA?


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Subject: getting vss version of files over network with SAMBA client
Date: Sun, 2 Mar 2008 06:39:39 +0000


Any idea how to get the previous versions of the files that are saved in the volume shadow copies of a share on win2003?

here are some details of my experiment:

on a win2003 server, I used vssadmin.exe to create a shadow copy of volume (drive E).
I have one file in the shadow copy that is older than the current one in active drive E.
when that drive E is mapped on a Windows XP pro client, the properties shows "Previous Versions".
I am able to copy that older file on to the XP client, and see the difference in contents compared to the file in E now.

wireshark shows me XP is doing some MS-RPC calls apart from handling the file in the main share.

is there a programmatic interface, or SAMBA tool that can do the same to restore previous versions of the files?

how can we know from SAMBA client that there are volume shadow copies, and how to handle them?

Googling it shows that there is "System Volume Information" folder under E that holds secret to the volume shadow copies.


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