RFC: spinning off base libraries

Gerald (Jerry) Carter jerry at samba.org
Mon Jun 16 17:03:35 GMT 2008

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Michael Adam wrote:
> Hi Simo,
> I had proposed this at the team meeting at sambaXP.
> And it was rejected, mostly due to the additional amount of
> work required and the lack of real benefits.
> Now that you have elaborated and emphasized some of the benefits,
> I am interested in hearing what Tridge, Jerry and the other
> "objectors" say...

Ummm....I'm not an objector.  I only expressed concern about
the amount of work. :-)  I love using APIs :-)

> I myself am currently undecided, since I see that apart from the
> usefulness, it really is an additional workload that has to be done.
> And it I think it is a bigger task than it might seem.
> If someone can take care of maintaining these libs separately,
> I am of course in favour of the spin-offs.
> One problem is that libreplace is not quite complete yet.
> E.g., it implements different sets of functions on different
> platforms. That would have to be fixed/completed first, right?
> Cheers - Michael
> simo wrote:
>> There are a few base libraries that I would really like for us to spin
>> off to their repositories and have their own releases.

Multiple projects means multiple releases.  Might it be better
to to just have a samba-base-dev project that incorporates all these
into a single "release".  Vendors can of course then split
into multiple packages.  And within a given release, each library
is independent, compact, and has a well defined owner.  Just a thought.

>> I am referring in particular to:
>> libreplace (it's a dependency for the other ones)
>> talloc
>> tdb
>> libevents
>> later also libldb

The nice thing is that you can always break them out before
actually dealing with making Samba (either branch) use them.
I think everyone would be much more comfortable with switching
to use such an external package (set of libs) after the lib
project actually in place.  Code always is more convincing.

cheers, jerry
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